Come on in, take a seat! How have you been? 

It's great to see you here. What is this place you ask? 

Well, it's a place where I keep a collection of my thoughts and writings about marketing, life working in marketing and being human in an age of computers and bots. oh...and anything else that might have raised my eyebrow. 

Stay and have a look around.

About ME


A capricorn,  I am quite resilient (or stubborn) which is why when I was told I had dyslexia, I decided to do the rational thing, and start a blog (gulp!)   

I have worked as a marketer since 2008, after graduating with a degree in psychology with media and being drawn in by the creative industry. 

Since then, I have been on the continued path to develop my understanding of the importance of human engagement in marketing and communication. I have walked the line between client and agency side, in different industry sectors and it has provided amazing insight, seeing these two faces of marketing. Insight that I aim to share with others. 


First of all, it's always good to have your own space online, so many people write articles or post content on social channels, which is great. But a hearty business man once told me, "never build your house on rented land", and he has a point. So this is my house, and this is my land, and no social algorithm will keep it hidden from the view of those of you who  like hanging out here. 

Secondly, the name is cool AF, right? so why not! Thank you random name generator!

Thoughts & Writings