A Little more

"So what else do you do?"


Thanks for stopping by. So you want to hear a little more about me? Great!  

Well, currently I work as the head of strategy at The fresh Group, a creative agency that specialises in events, communications and branded content. Caveat Alert! Simply put, I would like to inform you, that the views expressed anywhere in this website do not reflect the views of The fresh Group. I have kept this blog going as a place to share my personal views and experiences working within the marketing industry.  Where it is deemed relevant, I endeavour to provide you with hyperlinks and other reference resources which sometimes support a view I present to you.

So, with that out of the way, I will like to make a small PSA that this space, apart from its intent to provide a mind map to the general public and my contemporaries alike, it also provides me with a way to give back - Yes! it is good to do good. I do this by providing free consultations to small businesses and charities struggling with small budgets - and yes, totally confidential (#GDPR)

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Below is my instagram feed as well @SocialJaguar, I post regular news updates and celebrate small businesses and influencers that are doing a great job with their content, again in order to share new ideas with others. 

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