Covid-19 - We want to help

25th March 2020: Volunteering to help charities

Following the recent Covid-19 outbreak, SOCIALJAGUAR would like to extend a helping hand to any charities looking for any consultation services on communications and marketing remotely. 

We are happy to support on any copywriting needed where we can for free.

Please email and we will be in touch.  


Great Partnerships :IFBB Pro Infulencers

10th January 2020 : Celebrating our recent partnerships

The fitness industry is set to expand for 2020 and the market has widened thanks to social media and the trend of being fit and healthy. Here at SOCIAL JAGUAR we have started to work with influential members in the International Federation Body Building community, and have in fact partnered with 3 amazing IFBB Pro influencers to help them reach thier marketing goals.

"the opportunity has been amazing" claims Rasha El-Shirbini, our founder. "... not only because these individuals are tremendously ambitious and creative, making this an amazing working relationship, but it has proven there is even more partnership opportunities out there for us to work with similar influencers and entrepreneurs."

As well as targeting local businesses, SOCIAL JAGUAR will now be approaching even more influencers across different niches to support and partner with. 

If you are an influential individual and content creator but need a bit more guidance on how to take your marketing to the next level, don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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